Sometimes you have to say: What the Folk?

A young folk musician WWe love folk. We wanted to have a space that is dedicated to people who love folk hence this website. We hope to bring together people from all over the world who love folk music.

A young folk musician, writer "Reason" For me, music is life. Ever since I was a child, my dream was to become a musician. I experimented with many music genres until I found a home in folk. And that was only the beginning of my journey. I go by the stage name Reason because I am a level-headed guy most of the time Or at least I try to be I am the website writer.

Dusty Stevens knows "Love is the answer"

If you ever check out my social media status, you will find the tag, "Love is the answer". There is so much pain, hate and suffering everywhere. The world needs healing and love is the answer I am every strong believer in the power of love and I wish more people shared the same belief. I use my music to communicate everything that I believe in and also to express the things that torment my soul and heart. I am an editor for the website.

Ben Wakefield the "Gemini King"

I love the quote, "The true beauty of music is that it connects people. Music is a universal language and we cannot deny its power over our lives. When I am writing music, I try to make use of words in a way that evokes feeling. I am a contributing writer for the website and I often go by the nickname ‘Gemini King’. Gemini is my star sign.

Craig Potter is stuck on "Yesterday"

When I was a teenager, I adapted the stage name ‘Yesterday’ for no other reason except that it sounded cool. I do not think it is cool anymore but all my fans are now accustomed to it and I can't seem to get rid of it I've always loved playing the guitar and being highly introverted, playing the guitar is the most organic way I can express myself. I am a special events reporter for the website.

Pete Hillman spills a "Dark River"

"Turn up the volume, close your eyes, and let the music take over your soul". This is the mantra that I live by It has gotten me through tough times and it continues to be my rock. Music is my favorite kind of drug. It gives me infinite healing and it's my best friend. Essentially, it is everything that I am. I cannot imagine myself without music. I would be empty. I always encourage young musicians to listen to the melody in their soul because the music that speaks to the soul is timeless music. And that is the kind of music great musicians make In my day, I went by the nickname ‘Dark River’ although I do not use it anymore. I am a guest writer for the website.

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