Star Anna & the Laughing Dogs

Star Anna and The Laughing Dogs love to play live. Our shows are intense and powerful.

We play original music, but on occasion will bust out a cover song.  We typically do 1 set of 45-90 minutes or 2 sets of 45-60 minutes each, so for shows longer than 2 hours another band should be added to the bill. We especially enjoy playing at festivals and events that fans organize, and have been known to headline a barn party or two. If you want us to come to your town, suggest a venue or put on a show of your own and write us at
You probably don't want us to play your wedding .


Things we need:
At Least 4 GROUNDED (3 prong) outlets at stage rear
At Least 4 GROUNDED (3 prong) outlets at stage front (or an extension cord)
5 separate monitor mixes if possible
2 microphones for the guitar amps, Shure SM57 or better please!
1-3 microphones for Leslie speaker (if Ty runs Rig A)
2-4 lines for Nord keyboard stereo outs
2 Vocal Mics, SM58 or similar, Beta 58s are ideal
2 Boom stands for vocal mics
1 Boom stand and mic for Accordion (Ty)
2 Stage Front D.I.s for acoustic guitars

Click here for a printable stage plot and tech rider

Thanks in advance, we look forward to working with you, and please
get in touch if there are any questions or concerns.

Star Anna and The Laughing Dogs

Maria Matias, Booking Agent
(831) 625-0344


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