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    • I second Ron's comment, would LOVE to read a lyric sheet. Not as much as I LOVE to see you or even as much as I love to listen to your cds. But still, a goodly quantity of love.

    • Please, please put lyrics in with your next recording. Your music is too important, your words too powerful, to guess at.

      I have never been so impressed with the lyric quality of an artist so young.

      Thank you for sharing with us.

    • hi star i luv you and all your great music happy trails

    • Great site, you guys - Dale Width just hooked me up about it! Also, love the new CD - you guys rock! See ya in Wenatchee 7/3; how 'bout a little something to eat at our place before the gig?

    • Superlative. I think the goal of any musician is to move people. Star Anna succeeds in their endeavor. Sit back and relax ... let the music roll through you ... GOOD LUCK & keep the faith.

    • Super gig in Raymond...thanks

    • Hey Anna, Great site and love the tunes. Stay safe.

    • Best wishes to you all on the release of your new CD!!! It's hauntingly terrific... Bet folks can't play it just once!!!

    • Great luck on the new release.

    • The New Website Looks Great. You Look Great. The New Music Sends Shivers Up My Spine..... Life Is Good!!!

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