Star Anna

vocals, guitar

"Star Anna is an American original." - Mike McCready
Star Anna was born and raised in the small town of Ellensburg, Washington. At the age of eleven, armed with her first snare drum, and a stack of CDs purchased from Rodeo Records (where Screaming Trees drummer Mark Pickerel manned the counter), Star took up drums. Five years later, she'd switched to guitar and started her first band, No Continuous Standing, who reached the height of their fame with a third-place finish in a local battle of the bands contest.
Ten years, a backing band (The Laughing Dogs), and a new home (Seattle) later, Star Anna has become a songwriter and vocalist with an arresting, singular voice. Star's three albums have earned accolades from the likes of NPR, KEXP, No Depression, Mike McCready (Pearl Jam) and Duff McKagan (Guns 'n' Roses, Loaded), while Star and the Laughing Dogs crisscrossed the country numerous times touring in support of those albums. While she has matured and evolved as a writer and singer, Star Anna has retained those early Ellensburg experiences, allowing her rural upbringing to inform her songs, while defying the genre classifications that pigeonhole and stifle so many young artists. 
After a year that saw the release of Star's acclaimed third album, Alone In This Together (Local 638/Monkeywrench), an appearance at Pearl Jam's PJ20 festival, and a two-month US tour, Star Anna returned her focus to the studio, recording her forthcoming LP, The Sky Is Falling, with Johnny Sangster, and is preparing for another year of nationwide touring. Amid all of the accolades, it is easy to forget that Star Anna is only 26 years old, and there is so much more ahead.


guitar, vocals

Justin Davis became obsessed with guitars the first time he held one and is still rarely found without one in his hands. Justin played in several bands around Seattle, including Honest Abe, East of the Equator (with Nirvana’s Chad Channing), Stuck, Hanging Garden, and Puptulla (with fellow Laughing Dog, Travis Yost).

Justin has a BA degree in classical guitar performance from Central Washington University.  He has also studied Flamenco guitar in Spain, and attended Cornish College of the Arts to study Jazz, all while maintaining a punk rock soul and religious devotion to Jimi Hendrix.



Travis has been playing in the Ellensburg area for the last 15 years with groups like Open Country Joy, Ravenwolf, Puptulla, and in Boulder CO with Newcomers Home, and many other projects near and far.  

"Star's writing and singing move me in such a visceral place.  I remember walking down the sidewalk years before I even knew Star and hearing her singing and playing guitar outside of the cafe where her mother works and thinking, or rather feeling, that I had never heard anyone sing like that, it was just great, too great.  I wanted to ask her if she wanted to play sometime but she looked so young and I felt i was too busy at the time with other projects, I had to keep walking.  It moved me so much even then.   I feel very lucky to be a part of this project."



Before moving back to Seattle in 2005, Keith Ash was a fixture in the Los Angeles indie rock scene for 20 years. He has performed live and recorded with many different artists, including Knee Jerk Reaction, Farmer, Ben Lee, Stupenagel, Rick Stone, Mission To Mars, Sister Hyde and Queen Jane.  Keith joined the band in the spring of 2010.


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