Star Anna

Alone In This Together


I don’t make things any easier I know
I can’t even say I do the best I can
Though I’d like to say I tried
I’m afraid it’d be just one more lie
I’ve given too much of myself to bad years
My memory is too full of sad times
To my aching heart tonight
I’ll make this promise to make it right
and clear some space for joy

I’m gonna tear myself open and shine
Like the last star on the last night
Gonna tear myself open and shine
Like the last star on the last night
Lest it all end in sorrow

I feel too bound inside my own skin
I wanna spread like wild fire
I wanna grow a thousand feet tall
I want my feet to leave the ground

And I want love


For When I Go

I have to go, I will be broken
But if I stay, I will be no one
It won’t be long
I will be home, don’t get me wrong
When I walk through that door, I’ll be back in your arms
Don’t take my leaving soon to mean I’m not loving you
That’s so far from the truth

I could never ask you to sacrifice anything for me
But I can promise to be true and tell you honey I will wait

I hope you know my love is yours
But if you don’t then it’s not worth the tears
I’d rip my heart in two and leave one half here with you
To ease your fears


Don’t take my leaving soon to mean I’m not loving you
That’s so far from the truth


Alone In This Together

It comes in waves ‘til it finally breaks
Like a lightning streak across an empty stage
And the memories are warm most of the time
You sit alone in a crowded room
‘Til there’s nothing left and your heart is bruised
And the water shines over your eyes

And we’re all alone in this together

We’re gonna make it out make it out alive
‘Til it lays to rest and we realize
That time is nothing at all
And this trail we blaze like a hurricane
What a stupid game
What a price to pay
And such a way to fall

And we’re all alone in this together

I can’t believe you’re so out of reach
That you had no choice
You were never free
From all that pain brought down on you
Does it make you weak, is it something new
To admit you failed
That you can’t get through
And all of this is real

And we’re all alone in this together

Bird Without Wings

Please don’t lose faith in my love
I can do better next time
Patient and waiting, I won’t let you down
Don’t let me slip out of sight
My world comes tumbling down
Shakes me awake and aware
The skies open up like heaven fell through
Endless and stretched to nowhere

You are to me like the moon to the tide
Like the stars to the sky
I’m a bird without wings to what wings are to flight
Like the day to the night

Arms in the air as I fall
Below us the deepest sea
Everything fades as I sink to the ground
Love don’t give up on me


You are the only one
My heart belongs to you
You are the only one I dream
You are the only one
My heart belongs to you
You are the only one I see

Dreamed of you so long ago
Sitting with eyes green and blue
Don’t ever leave you whisper to me
And I say the same thing to you


Tell me what you want I’ll give you all I got
Just hope it is enough to get us by
Tell me where it hurts and I will make it good again
I will make it better whatever it takes

I feel I’m dying just a little bit inside
But I will give it one more try
I can’t stand another minute of this crying
It’s time to dry these tears out of our eyes

Tell me what you need, I hope you can believe
Everything I am is yours to keep
All my pretty words, for everything it’s worth
I will never turn away from you


We’ll march through the waves, suffer through the pain
When our hearts are all but drained, we’ll walk away

Gold and Silver

Love could never live here
In a house that is so cold
The windows bolted down for good
The window panes are dull
The floor it creaks with every step
And echoes through the air
‘Til it’s swallowed up by silence
Through the cracks and down the stairs

Years slip by
Treasures fade
Gold and silver lose their luster
Moments pass away

They’ve taken down the pictures
That used to cover up these walls
The lights no longer work
In empty rooms and empty halls
Scattered books across the shelves
And strewn across the floor
Stacked like ghostly towers
No one reads them any more


Love could never live here
In a house that is so cold
The windows bolted down for good
The window panes are dull

Wolves In Disguise

Dogs in the road
They’re itching to go
The sun in the sky turns grey
Wild in their eyes
Like wolves in disguise
Spit hits the pavement and stains
Claws and the fur
And the strong smell of dirt
A mouth full of blood and fear
A cry cuts the night
Like burning white light
Too far away from here

People have a way
Of keeping the beast at bay
Beauty it seems
The impossible dream
Nature lead us astray

The city it sleeps
While the forest it creeps
With the breath from a million lungs
Full of bright eyes
Possessed and alive
Patient and ready to run
Fields on fire
With wild desire
Instinct that runs too deep
The rivers they flow
Like watery roads
Too fast and free to keep


Dogs in the road
They’re itching to go
The sun in the sky turns grey
Wild in their eyes
Like wolves in disguise
Spit hits the pavement and stains


Just Leave Me There

It makes me speak every word I want like they were sent from God
The Fire burns deep ‘til I can’t sleep ‘til I can’t breathe

Now I’m freezing cold and I’ve got nowhere else to go
All these wasted nights, what have I got to show
If you really cared, you’d just leave me there

The cigarette smoke fills this darkened room then it’s gone too soon
I can feel my heart beat; I’m not coming down for no one around


The night’s pushing three, I’m not done, I can’t get enough
This whole town is asleep so I’ll go by myself down this road to hell


Don’t Go Yet

The hours that I keep
While you lay there fast asleep
I watch the rise and falling of your chest
My head against your heart
Right beside you in the dark
I’m hanging on your every single breath

So don’t go yet
No don’t go yet

The light it starts to fade
And I can barely see your face
All I can make out is a silhouette
Quietly I'll pray
To keep the morning light away
For fear this moment here with you will slip


The hours that I keep
While you lay there fast asleep
I watch the rise and falling of your chest
The morning has a way
Of always taking you away
I roll over; wrap my arms around your neck

High Water

You walked away, not like fire but like a flood
With everything still standing but rotten and buried in the mud
I did the work of getting rid of what needed to be gone
After four quiet years, I hear your voice on the phone

After high water and four quiet years
I think I’m just gonna let you slip away

Not much has been easy not even with you not around
The “what could’ve been different” sleepless, madness of doubt
Am I so unforgiving I can’t reach out some other way
Sometimes I almost forget I was nothing but a pawn in your game


I don’t think of you often, I wish I hadn’t every time that I do
You dug me out ‘til I was empty when you just could’ve told me the truth
I hope that you’re happy just as long as you stay away from me
It hurt bad when you left ‘til I remembered I’d been set free



Sleep My Darlin’

Sleep my darlin’ by my side
Til the stars shine bright
Sleep my darlin’ leave behind
The darkness of the night

Cause the only thing that matters is your arms in mine
So baby please remember this tonight

Sleep my darlin’ in my bed
We’ll empty the dust from our heads
Sleep my darlin’ in my bed
And leave your demons for dead


Wake my darlin’ by my side
We’ll bathe in the morning light
Wake my darlin’ in my eyes
And hold your body to mine


Sleep my darlin’ in my bed
Let the dreams fill up our heads

Through The Winter

I guess that you forgot about the swing set at your mother’s house
And sleeping on the basement couch
Well, I’m the one who walked away, I guess I deserve to be treated this way
You act as if you never knew my name

Well that’s fine, you got me through winter, oh but I meant every word that I said
You can’t deny it wasn’t working, but you can just blame me instead

Baby I'm not who you thought, before we met, before we talked
And maybe its just best if we forgot
‘bout all the nights we stayed up late, learning songs that we could play
Well you seem to think it’s better that way


I never meant to hurt you like I did, I always hoped that we would still be friends
But now I know, just like you know, it’s the end

Now that there’s no mystery left, all I can do is wish you the best
But it hurts to think you couldn’t care less
So go ahead and tell your friends, it wasn’t worth it in the end
And from now on we can both pretend


Hawks On A Pole

This canyon is ours and we watch it like hawks on a pole
These hawks are omens of luck or so I’ve been told
The depth of your eyes holds the secrets that lie in your bones
I could trace every line on your face till they shine like gold

Someday we will find our own piece of mind, till then we’ll keep on looking for some kind of proof
Over rocks we have climbed, swam through the sea of cherry red wine
Sifting through garbage hoping to find the truth

Every mistake I have made it stays with me
And every word I speak can be misperceived
The hardest part of believing is trying to believe
When everything around you crumbles or leaves


My body just aches with a longing that takes control
And this daily search for relief is taking its toll
We keep looking in all the wrong places to ease our soul
What we’re really looking for I guess no one knows

Where I Come From

The moon is shining.
It owns the night,
and every star shines faithful by its side
Coyotes singing
a song to me,
every note a long lost memory

You don’t know where I come from
and you don’t know where I belong
and you cant tell me what im looking for,
so I’m not gonna listen anymore

Big trucks are whining
on pavement floor,
passing this town like the ones before
Train in the distance,
it softly moans
and I can feel this aching in my bones


These nights still move me
clear to the core,
so what you say don’t matter anymore


Spinning My Wheels

It comforts me some that three beers suffice, its unnerving to think that ten more would be nice
But it kills off the loneliness, kills off the pain and if I drink enough I won't remember your name

And I'm too drunk to feel,
and I'm too drunk to be seen
I’m just sitting here spinning my wheels,
but I’m not drunk enough to feel like I'm free
No I'm not drunk enough to feel like I'm free

I’m wanderin’ around yeah stuck in a daze, wondering now if you're feeling the same
Since you’ve been gone, yeah well I’ve changed my ways, I'm back on the pills and cocaine


Sometimes I think when I look in the mirror, I know her I swear that I’ve seen her somewhere
The vision is blurred it's not coming in clear
Too many lifetimes but not enough years x3



I can’t stand
the sound of my tears
and I hope to god
that no one else can hear
I’m wasting my time
every day of my life
and I’m fighting like hell
just to get back in line

I just wanna burn your memory away,
every impression you have made
And I can’t break free
from that look on your face,
the morning you walked away
On the morning you walked away
And I said
Hold on,
hold on

I don’t know what to do
and I don’t know where to turn
and I'm trying to remember
all these lessons I have learned
And I’m angry as hell
but I don’t know who to blame,
sometimes I wish
that I never knew your name


I feel so helpless
and my hands are tied.
That day that you left well
I could'a died
I'm still trying to tell myself
that it’s not a lie,
that you weren't worth a single tear I have cried


For Now

For now my bed will be
where ever I lay down to sleep
And I pray the lord my soul to keep
and help me stay on my feet

For now my heart belongs
to all those who sing along
And know all the words to their own song
yeah that’s where my heart belongs

I see the look in your eyes,
reminds me of why I’m alive
And it takes me back
to that place inside
saying everything's gonna be fine

For now I’ll rest with ease
cause I’ve found me a bit of relief
In the trains and the hills and the golden fields
that remind me of how to feel
For now I’ll stoke the fire
of all of my dreams and desires
And every breath will take me higher
as we walk on through the fire


For now I’ll hold my own
and let go of all of my ghosts
And I’ll only hold
on to what matters most
and watch the rest go up in smoke


Dance with me
its been too long,
for once we can both belong
Just for tonight
we’ll make it right
and no one can tell us we’re wrong


Restless Water

Dark green forest
in the night.
Sweet young prey
catch my eye
Sleeping water
in my bones.
Restless daughter all alone
Deep abyss,
bottomless hole.
Country myth.
Poor lost souls
Where’s the bodies?
no one knows,
always searching
cant let go

It’s been a long long time.
Watch the body count rise

Well I seek them in the night
and I take them by surprise

I am sick.
In my mind.
I find solace in their cries

Will they find me where I go.
‘fore I take another soul


Oh I hear them.
Hear their screams.
Hear their beautifully painful pleas.
I have no mercy.
I have no hope.
I have reached the end of my rope.
They dismissed me.
Watched me fall.
I will take them
I’ll take them all.
I will keep them in my heart
as I tear their world apart.

Chorus x2

Will they find me where I go. ‘fore I take another soul

Lonely Ride Home

This pen is full of red blood cells
that leak onto a page
The rhythm it swells
and all I can smell
is the ink and the sweat and the rage
My heart beats fast
from the first to the last
of these words that spill from my bones
And the only thing worse
than the wind and the dirt
is the fear of the great unknown

Stay awhile til I am consoled.
I can't seem to take this ache in my soul
Pass the time this darkness we own,
im not looking forward to the lonely ride home

The restless folks
all bent and broke,
kissing their cigarettes
Collecting smoke like an inside joke
that no one can seem to forget
The train will pass
just like all the rest
and never even look back
At the pennies and dimes that its nullified
somewhere along the track


The train will pass just like all the rest
and never even look back
At the pennies and dimes that its nullified
somewhere along the track

Chorus x2

All Her Ghosts

Oh it just kills you
to see her with another man,
 but you love her so you say you understand
Well she called the other night,
they had had another fight.
She came running to the safety
of your arms

She said if you love her the most
then she’ll love you the most
And she’ll try to forget and let go of all of her ghosts
Yeah you believed her when she swore
she wouldn’t see that man no more
Til you saw them hand and hand
and you hit the floor

Well it's complicated,
yeah so hard to explain,
but you love you
and she loves you just the same
That’s why you're sleeping alone
and she won’t pick up the phone
and its been four days in a row that she’s not home


He don’t deserve her,
 but she’s still lying by his side
and by the moral laws of life
you must abide
You can wait
with that arrow in your heart
til the walls come crashing down
and your whole world just falls apart

Chorus x2

Running Man

Ride the wheels where they go
Over dirt over snow
Find a new place a new face to know
Watch it burn out slow
Though these feelings are fleeting
Cant you hear my heart beat
Just as sure as your breathing
You can count on me to leave

Hold your heart in your hands
Don’t you know I’m a running man
Hold on tight as you can
Don’t you know I’m a running man

I’ve been called many names
Selfish lonely or afraid
But it’s all just one in the same
This is all I can say


Though these feelings are fleeting
Can’t you hear my heart beat
Just as sure as your breathing
You can count on me to leave
Chorus x a million

Tripping Wire

Your blood’s made of stars just like all of us are
But we’re held by the weight of the worlds calloused arms
It sings us to sleep with its numbing lullabies
Look at the child so empty and mild
Doped on a love that could kill the wild and
Walking closer and nearing the tripping wire

You know it’s gonna hurt sometimes
It doesn’t mean it’s not worthwhile
To feel the ups and downs that make us alive
So if it makes you smile
Oh you lovely child
Hold on to that for the rest of your life

The darkness grows like a cancerous hole
Fills us with poison that will wilt our souls
But we keep playing this vicious cycle game
We can’t pay the bills put we can pay for the pills
To cover up what we the world instilled
And God only know if this will ever change


Look at the child so empty and mild
Doped on a love that could kill the wild and
Walking closer and nearing the tripping wire

Crooked Path

If Wishes Were Horses

If wishes were horses
beggars would ride
and we’d leave this town you and I
we’d beat the sunset
be there by dawn
leave our troubles far behind

that’s not how life goes
everybody knows
it takes a long long time
a long long time
to get it right
it takes a long long time

We wouldn’t leave a trail
silent as the night
pretend that nothing's really wrong
we’d follow every train
I know the way
by the time they woke we’d be long gone


We wouldn’t even have to fight
or say they were right
nobody’d even have to know
where it is we’d go

We wouldn’t need no cash
to make our escape
your arms in mine
would be our home


Black Cat Blues

I was only thirteen
when I saw what I seen
and I couldn’t believe what I saw
hair dark as a hearse
or an old voodoo curse
and eyes that were pale and raw
he beat on the skins
like a maddening sin
that would drive all the women unsteady
he fondled the strings
making each of them sing
his voice dripping down
slow like honey

it’s a matter of time
'fore that black cat cross the line
break my heart in two
as hard as I try
to shoo it on by
it still sends me home with the blues
but I keep on coming back to you

The radio played
while the old ace of spades
pulled out ahead of the rest
we all made a toast
to who could drink most
and we all went down trying our best
the sunlight was rare
but nobody cared
except between waking and drink
the flood never won
nor ruined our fun
until we all started to sink


The gestures were bold
the air was still cold
as we stumbled up through the woods
with four months between
that no one was seen
till I finally made true on my word
but the springs finally gave
and it started to cave,
you decided to go somewhere new
if the river was beer
and the length of my tears
well I still couldn’t make it to you


Crooked Path

The sidewalk cracks look wrong but they’ve been there for so long
I don’t even know where they lead
down some dirty sideway street I hear the rhythm of my feet
and I don’t know where they’re taking me
I’ve got a pocket full of smokes and a headache full of hopes
and a worn down pair of shoes
the windows in the wall, they don’t look my way at all
so I flip a coin to see which side will lose

and the ribbons fall to the floor
like a million shooting stars
I’ve been shaken to the core but I don’t look that way no more
to find some remedy for my heart

The rattle of the train it brings me to my feet again
as it whistles through my soul
the neon lights don’t sleep and the well stays pretty deep
and the restless wind blows cold
my cigarette’s burned down and its turned my fingers brown
as I watch that train roll by
the stars turn out their lights and through the echo of the night
I hear that lonesome train whistle cry




No Surprise

The trouble in your eyes
bleeds into mine
I take it on myself
like it's me she denies
I can't find a stand still
ever gonna rescue me
you don’t have the answers
as far as I can see

so baby just let me down
I won't be surprised
it’ll be all right
maybe its time to fold
before it goes to far
it won't break my heart

They’ve stacked us to the wall
oh like dominoes
one by one we fall
so the next one goes
the sidewalks take me nowhere
and I'm too far from home
sometimes being lonely
is better then being alone


and I hope you're not cold when the moon shines through your window

Places We Exist

A hundred years ago I know I must’ve seen your face
some where somehow someone like you loved me
I’ve felt like this before inside this reacurring place
same old shining moon right above me

the places we exist
the road where you and I first kissed
tiles on the ceiling and the years I have missed
all boils down to the parts we have played
and I’ll lay right down beside you
like its always been the same

Half asleep and wide awake and dreaming all the time
these sleeping pills are gonna make me lonely
my head upon the pillow and I’ll dream of you tonight
keep me from the panic that controls me


Bridge: a hundred years from now
will I still be around
the waves pull me under
into a sweet soft slumber



Five Minutes To Midnight

Chorus: count it down
count it back
count it right
we’ve got five minutes to midnight
count it down
count it back
count it right
we’ve got five minutes left

Breath on my ear
every word has left its mark
so soft and clear
then just fades away in the dark, my dear


Oh dry your eyes
this will all be over soon
all I see in the sky are the clouds that hide the moon tonight
Snow covered horses
and freshly laid tire tracks
wanna rest my head
and the morning can meet me back
and it says


Devil Don’t Remember My Name

Sun drenched and glowing by the unoffended light
where nothing goes down without a fight
before the end of days
we’ll set this whole wide world ablaze or no one will remember our names

Chorus: I need a home to rest my weary bones
when they hand me a heavier load
I need a place to lay my tired face
I hope the devil don’t remember my name

Relieve the raging ache that sits behind these walls to break through feelings
though never hard to fake
fixed on the skyline as I role on down the road
looking for it’s getting pretty old




Bed That I Made

This beautiful burden
keeps twisting and turning
under the bed that I’ve made
this sick angry stone
has made my heart its home
and theres nobody left to blame
lord forgive me I’ve sinned
and I’ll do it again
have mercy on my selfish ways
well I'm in for a learning
cause I can't keep on burning
the bridges I’ve already made

but all my living days
and everything that I am
they can't make that change
no it's only me that can

My fingers are cold
frozen down to the bone
from all of these things left behind
these arms that hold me
and try to control me
are nobody elses but mine
all that I've seen
always comes back to me
in a different shade of blue
and I can't hear the voices
the ones left rejoicing
of all that we hold to be true


I throw up my hands
just as fast as I can
when they’re pointing their fingers at me
but I don’t feel ashamed
of this bed that I’ve made
and I hope that you come to see
what I hold dear
and all of my fears
is the best I can give to you
don’t swallow their words
and don’t let them hurt
all that you hold to be true

cause all your living days
and all that you can stand
they can't make that change
no it's only you that can
yes its only you that can

Space Beneath The Door

I'm tired of waiting now
for the bottom to fall out
I'm tired of waiting on your reply
you always believed
if it wasn’t you it would be me
and in my heart I knew that you were right
set it all ablaze
let it burn for days and days
no I don’t want this feeling around
with the bottle in my mouth
and my heart of sinking doubt
I let it out without making a sound

oh don’t crawl through the space beneath the door
don’t crawl through the space beneath the door
cause I don’t live there anymore

The train runs through me
like a preacher sets me free
and I fall with my head to the floor
the sermon stole my heart
but the guilt tore me apart
I can count on one hand who I’ve adored

your eyes may not betray
the dogs might run away
but the devils always got his eye on you
just cause you say it more than once don’t make it true





It echoes in my empty shell
this hollow room that holds me still and keeps me while I lay here wide awake
the lonesome blues they own you now
and I wish I could but I don’t know how
to make it right
and take this pain away

so I’ll just wait
so I’ll just wait
so I’ll just wait till the light comes back to your eyes

Old memories to keep you warm
painted over with your red in scorn and I’ll close my eyes for just another day
sadness hangs on our front door
just like it has in years before
and I pray to God it isn’t here to stay


It tears you up and it breaks you down
your feet upon the cold hard ground and its almost more then you or I can take
no one knows what you’ve been through
no, no one knows it like you do
and I can't be the one to change your ways



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