Bed That I Made

Bed that I’ve made

This beautiful burden
keeps twisting and turning
under the bed that I’ve made
this sick angry stone
has made my heart its home
and theres nobody left to blame
lord forgive me I’ve sinned
and I’ll do it again
have mercy on my selfish ways
well I'm in for a learning
cause I can't keep on burning
the bridges I’ve already made

but all my living days
and everything that I am
they can't make that change
no it's only me that can

My fingers are cold
frozen down to the bone
from all of these things left behind
these arms that hold me
and try to control me
are nobody elses but mine
all that I've seen
always comes back to me
in a different shade of blue
and I can't hear the voices
the ones left rejoicing
of all that we hold to be true


I throw up my hands
just as fast as I can
when they’re pointing their fingers at me
but I don’t feel ashamed
of this bed that I’ve made
and I hope that you come to see
what I hold dear
and all of my fears
is the best I can give to you
don’t swallow their words
and don’t let them hurt
all that you hold to be true

cause all your living days
and all that you can stand
they can't make that change
no it's only you that can
yes its only you that can