Through The Winter

Through the winter

I guess that you forgot about the swing set at your mother’s house
And sleeping on the basement couch
Well, I’m the one who walked away, I guess I deserve to be treated this way
You act as if you never knew my name

Well that’s fine, you got me through winter, oh but I meant every word that I said
You can’t deny it wasn’t working, but you can just blame me instead

Baby I'm not who you thought, before we met, before we talked
And maybe its just best if we forgot
‘bout all the nights we stayed up late, learning songs that we could play
Well you seem to think it’s better that way


I never meant to hurt you like I did, I always hoped that we would still be friends
But now I know, just like you know, it’s the end

Now that there’s no mystery left, all I can do is wish you the best
But it hurts to think you couldn’t care less
So go ahead and tell your friends, it wasn’t worth it in the end
And from now on we can both pretend