Hawks On A Pole

Hawks on a pole

This canyon is ours and we watch it like hawks on a pole
These hawks are omens of luck or so I’ve been told
The depth of your eyes holds the secrets that lie in your bones
I could trace every line on your face till they shine like gold

Someday we will find our own piece of mind, till then we’ll keep on looking for some kind of proof
Over rocks we have climbed, swam through the sea of cherry red wine
Sifting through garbage hoping to find the truth

Every mistake I have made it stays with me
And every word I speak can be misperceived
The hardest part of believing is trying to believe
When everything around you crumbles or leaves


My body just aches with a longing that takes control
And this daily search for relief is taking its toll
We keep looking in all the wrong places to ease our soul
What we’re really looking for I guess no one knows