For Now

For now

For now my bed will be
where ever I lay down to sleep
And I pray the lord my soul to keep
and help me stay on my feet

For now my heart belongs
to all those who sing along
And know all the words to their own song
yeah that’s where my heart belongs

I see the look in your eyes,
reminds me of why I’m alive
And it takes me back
to that place inside
saying everything's gonna be fine

For now I’ll rest with ease
cause I’ve found me a bit of relief
In the trains and the hills and the golden fields
that remind me of how to feel
For now I’ll stoke the fire
of all of my dreams and desires
And every breath will take me higher
as we walk on through the fire


For now I’ll hold my own
and let go of all of my ghosts
And I’ll only hold
on to what matters most
and watch the rest go up in smoke


Dance with me
its been too long,
for once we can both belong
Just for tonight
we’ll make it right
and no one can tell us we’re wrong