All Her Ghosts

Oh it just kills you
to see her with another man,
but you love her so you say you understand
Well she called the other night,
they had had another fight.
She came running to the safety
of your arms


She said if you love her the most
then she’ll love you the most
And she’ll try to forget and let go of all of her ghosts
Yeah you believed her when she swore
she wouldn’t see that man no more
Til you saw them hand and hand
and you hit the floor

Well its complicated,
yeah so hard to explain,
but you love you
and she loves you just the same
That’s why your sleeping alone
and she won’t pick up the phone
and its been four days in a row that she’s not home


He don’t deserve her,
but she’s still lying by his side
and by the moral laws of life
you must abide
You can wait
with that arrow in your heart
til the walls come crashing down
and your whole world just falls apart

Chorus x2