Space Beneath the Door

Space beneath the door

I'm tired of waiting now
for the bottom to fall out
I'm tired of waiting on your reply
you always believed
if it wasn’t you it would be me
and in my heart I knew that you were right
set it all ablaze
let it burn for days and days
no I don’t want this feeling around
with the bottle in my mouth
and my heart of sinking doubt
I let it out without making a sound

oh don’t crawl through the space beneath the door
don’t crawl through the space beneath the door
cause I don’t live there anymore

The train runs through me
like a preacher sets me free
and I fall with my head to the floor
the sermon stole my heart
but the guilt tore me apart
I can count on one hand who I’ve adored

your eyes may not betray
the dogs might run away
but the devils always got his eye on you
just cause you say it more than once don’t make it true