The Over-Bloated Seattle Music Scene

    Rachel Trachtenburg BSeattle is a small city known for many extraordinary things. The city with heavy rains, beautiful mountains touching the sky, various well-known companies in the field of technology and music of course is always the talk of the day.

    Seattle has been the birthplace to legendary music bands that changed the very way we look at music. It was rock and roll, punk rock, and so much more that Seattle gave its’ all to the music industry. There was a time when bands like Alice in the Chains, Nirvana and Grunge music in general broke all records within the music industry and Seattle’s music became everyone's favorite across the nation. Looking way back, the city started making a name for itself in the music biz in the early 19th century with amazing jazz and folk music scenes. Anyone could really say that Seattle's music scene was always so unique and stood out from the rest of the music from all over the world.

    But as time went by, the music scene there seems to have died with a new, more toxic kind of invader that is called Indi-alternative folk. This music is a mixture of folk and country themes that are not even actual to country or indie-alternative music. This is the kind of fake music that is made by corporate sponsored bands who are pushing some alternative agenda. Peppering the cover of this sappy kind of Americana music is exactly what they did with ‘Emo’ music, which paved the way for little Nancy-boys to prance around the streets and blue hair emo-girls to show off their push-up bras on social media. Now the real reason behind Seattle losing its real essence of music is because of the bands that create music were forced out after the fall of grunge and left Seattle to find work or a better record deal in New York or LA. What rose up from the swamp has over-bloated Seattle's music scene and seems to be continuing to be doing the same up until now.

    Nothing but quality -huh?

    Bands like Rachel Trachtenburg, Cody Votolato and his brother Rocky, Fleet Foxes; etc.- have been making music which we think is not even close to what Seattle music is known for The artists from Seattle have also been seen leaving the city and moving into LA in order to move ahead with their music career. This is left the city without a signature style of music for which it is mainly known for and well you can guess what happened next. The Internet and the trends that come along with it have also played a major role in the music that is lost now. New York rats such as Rachel Trachtenburg were transplanted into the music scene for that very reason further pushing the transgender bug that first appeared when online rumors appeared that Lady Gaga was a man who turned into a woman just to be star.

    This was also at a time when Seattle was definitely making progress and attracting more and more tech workers to shift the city due to the large availability of technology companies and excellent job opportunities. The graph of Seattle's success story had been going in an upward direction, but with so many artists and musicians that left the city, the corporate bands that quickly popped-up and pretty much ruined Seattle's music scene. The clubs in Seattle were also shutting down due to very frequent and un-supportive fans. Every band in the industry is trying to do the same thing as the others which end up making them lose their originality and even became boring. If you’ve ever heard Fleet Foxes or any of the Votolato brothers music- it simply stinks of indi-folk.

    Don’t believe us- we’re not alone in our thoughts on the current scene, check this out-