Catch up with a recap history of Star Anna and the Laughing Dogs

    Living halfway between the Seattle and the middle of sporadically nowhere can have a great impact on one's life. For the case of Star Anna, it motivated her to write and perform music. With pain and melodic vocals, Star Anna plays Americana, alt-rock and alt-country music. Her success with the band Star Anna and the Laughing Dogs are the latest to come out from the tight-knit Seattle music scene. Their lyrics and music contain an honest sounding hit that makes their fans proud. She makes music that will echo annawith anyone ears when she sings from deep inside.

    A long look back

    Star started her music career journey when she was 11, after getting her first snare drum in 1996. She began taking drum lessons having cited that Indigo Girls was a big inspiration. Later she established a punk band when she was a 16 year old freshman in high school, switching to a guitar instead of drums. When she was in search of a new band, Star Anna finally established The Laughing Dogs. The band has been playing together for many years though there have been several lineup changes along their music career journey.

    Star Anna and her band the Laughing Dogs currently incorporate Keith Ash (bass), Justin Davis (guitar), and Travis Yost (drums), since 2010, and they’ve also involved keyboardist Ty Bailie on many performances. Davis took the place of Corey Dosch; the initial guitarist, who abandoned the band to continue with his Ph.D. studies, Ash took the place of Frank Johnson, another earlier bassist. On the surface, Star Anna and The Laughing Dogs are very different from many upcoming bands. Different from other bands likewise at that stage in their music career and they’ve been given high praises from some Seattle's top powerbrokers.

    Before joining Star Anna, The Laughing Dogs Band became popular first in the New York underground music scene CBGB's where they launched two albums on Columbia Records under the titles:

    The Laughing Dogs and The Laughing Dogs Meet their singles'. Both albums were reissued in 2009 on American Beat Records, and some indie CD labels. Apart from three singles, ‘Reason for Love', ’Jonny Contender', and ‘Get I'm Outta Town' -Star Anna and The Laughing Dogs released feature albums including:

    1. Crooked Path, (the Year 2008)

    2. The Only Thing That Matters, ( 2009)

    3. Alone in This Together,( 2011)

    4. Call Your Girlfriend (Single), (2012)

    5. Go to Hell, ( 2013)

    6. The Sky Is Falling, ( 2014)

    7. Light in the Window, (2016)

    What’s she been doing since then?

    Star Anna being an Ellensburg Native with an inward-looking onstage appearance and considerable voice usually wrap around her high drama for Americana music together with her band The Laughing Dogs. The 2011 album, ‘Alone in this Together' entered into the heart of many and made her band find a special niche. Seattle's emerging alt-country scene, though different to the grunge explosion of the early 90’s, is famous in its own right. Interestingly enough that this underdog of a band has emerged from Seattle and has been appearing on radios and TV's shows all over the place. Few people are given a chance to live a life doing what they really love and this is one such proof it does work. Look for them when they may appear on tour in your local indi-folk festival or concert tour.